Sunday, June 19, 2011

salah aku kewr ? im sorry for everything :'(

hmm , kenape mesti macam nie ek ?
kenape time aku nak spend time dgn kau . 
ade je kan ? aku rindu kau laa . 
since i didnt around with you . you have change alott biyy . 
i am scared when i am losing you . 
biyy . biyy . 
im guessing that you didn't need me anymore . 
if that are truth , please tell me . 
i will try to be far from you . 
but really hope that it will never be happen to us . 
really hope that :'(
im crying a lot right now biyy . 
awak . saya nak awak tau yang saya sayang awak sampai 
nafas saya berhenti . im seriuosly about that . 

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